Big Decimal Unit Converter v. 6.0

The converter has been designed by staff of HBSNumerics ( It includes two dynamic link libraries (DLL); which are properties of HBSNumerics. The BigDecimal Library™; which supports unlimited number of digits (with correct rounding) and the BigDecimal Unit Converter™.
The need for higher-precision computations and the inconsistencies, found in converters available over the net, were the motives to the development of this converter. Very few converters support accuracies up to 8 digits. Still they are inconsistent, where answers deviate after the sixth digit. It is the only illustrative, descriptive, and big-decimal unit converter on the web. It provides an image along with a short description for each unit. The user will enjoy using itwhen browsing unit images and comparing them.
A full description along with an image for each category is also provided, which adds more fun to the utility. In addition, it is the only converter that is accurate to unlimited number of digits. For performance issues, however, the first ten thousand digits (with correct rounding) are displayed. User preferences such as fonts, colors, result format, selected category and units are saved upon exit and restored upon program start. This feature helps users keep track of their work. It covers 37 categories such as acceleration, angle, angular velocity, area, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, and volume to count a few. Under each category, the number of units ranges from few to over 80 units. An image along with a brief description for each unit are displayed upon selecting the unit.
We made every effort to produce error-free converter. For bug reports or erroneous conversions, however, you may email us at ( Your help and feed back to produce a much better converter is highly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your interest in HBSNumerics BigDecimal Unit Converter. It is given here free of charge. It is totally safe, virus-free and fully functional. I do encourage you, however, to read the help file before using the utility to be able to use the utility very efficiently. Last but not least, if you have any comment, criticism or you came to a bug in the program, please let me know.