Black Oil Model v. 4.0

The HBSNumerics Black Oil model is used to generate fluid (gas, oil, and water) properties using the minimal data available; e.g. specific gravity and operating pressure and temperature. It is easy to apply and self-explaining. It has its built-in powerful charting and data-gridding utilities. It presents data in both 2D and 3D charts. With HBSNumerics Black Oil model, generating fluid data is a nutshell, and above all it is free.

Starting the Utility
Click the download button at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. A rar file will be downloaded, so you need to unpack (unzip) it using a rar utility. Once you unzip it, you get a folder named HBSNumerics Black Oil Package with 31 files in it. To start the utility, double click on the executable file:
As you see, there are four pages (tabs): Operating Conditions, Gas, Oil, and Water. In each tab, you input the required data in the desired units. At the time of execution, all units will be converted to Field Units.
Starting a New Data Set
To start a new data set, click on the New button,  all pages will be initialized to their default values.
Export Output

You may export the output data to Excel, CSV, or TXT file using one of the buttons at the top.

The Gas output data includes:
Z (gas deviation factor), Cg (gas compressibility),
Bg (gas formation volume factor), Rhog (gas density), and Ug (gas viscosity).
The Oil output data includes:
Rso (solution gas/oil ratio), Bo (oil formation volume factor), Co (oil compressibility), Rhoo (oil density), and Uo (oil viscosity).
The Water output data includes:
Rsw (solution gas/water ratio), Bw (water formation volume factor), Cw (water compressibility), Rhow (water density), and Uw (water viscosity).
Charting Output

To produce a chart of the Gas, Oil, or Water output data, flip to the required tab; e.g. Gas and click on the button. The output data of the Gas mixture will be plotted as a function of pressure. You may select the series to plot from the second top-left drop-down box; e.g. Z (gas deviation factor), Cg (gas compressibility), Bg (gas formation volume factor), Rhog (gas density), and Ug (gas viscosity). The same procedure is applied to Oil or Water pages. The top toolbar of the chart, you may find some tools useful to enhance your plot and produce professional charts. Anyhow, you may also send the output to Excel and plot it there.

Thank you very much for your interest in the Black Oil Pack. It is given here free of charge. It is totally safe, virus-free and fully functional. I do encourage you, however, to read the help file before using the utility to be able to create the best and optimal black oil models. Last but not least, if you have any comment, criticism or you came to a bug in the program, please let me know.